I'm Joshua
Software Engineer based in PH.

I'm a software engineer with experience building apps for startups, global and public companies. Senior Engineer at a copy trading startup — previously in neobanking, insurtech, freelance marketplaces and freight-forwarding.




dub, Senior Software Engineer

I currently work at a fast-paced, heavily-regulated startup scene with a highly-driven team to build the first-ever copy trading platform in the US.


Freelancer.com, Core Mobile Engineer

I led projects like Flutter Embedding for Android, Local Jobs Revamp, improve our build systems and modularization for our large-scale apps with 10M+ downloads.


Better (YC W22), Lead Software Engineer

I joined the NY FinTech startup in 2020 to help build an app that enables Americans fight the unexpected shocks.

Philosophy and

I put my energy and focus for what I do in pursuit of doing an impactful work. While at it, I make sure to enjoy the journey, collaborate with others, recharge, and always get excited like it's day one.

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I can collaborate different teams and projects effectively so we get things done.

Product Engineering

I build and ship for startups and companies at scale, few serving millions of users globally. I primarily write in Dart, Kotlin, Swift, C#, SQL. Occasionally in JavaScript, Python, NoSQL.

Rapid Prototyping

My experience at dub, Better (YC W22), and other startups has helped me built a sense of agency to execute and launch high-quality features on-time.

Native & Cross-platform Experiences

I started building beautiful interfaces with Flutter back in 2019 and shipped several apps since. I also architect systems in low-level APIs, integrate and build custom 3rd-party SDKs, and write in native code like in Android, iOS and macOS.

CI/CD & DevOps

I saved my team hundreds of dev hours by writing CI/CD pipelines for our projects. I also published reusable workflows for the community. I use CircleCI, Github Actions, fastlane. Occasionally, Bitrise, Jenkins and GitLab CI.


I share my learnings and experiences to the community through events, my content, work, open source projects for technologies like Flutter, Dart, Firebase, and On-device ML.

Joshua is the first Google Developer Expert for Flutter and Dart in the Philippines. He founded Flutter Philippines in 2019.

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Here are a few lines from people who I have worked with in the past in my professional career.

‘’I worked with Joshua at Freelancer.com. Joshua was an absolute out-performer in my team. He has deep expertise in Android app development and is also a great team player who can support his teammates to achieve business goals. I would love to recommend Joshua to any team that needs a technical leader.’’
Mike Ni
Senior Manager of Products, Atlassian
‘’I worked with Josh on a few projects, and he's one of those engineers that just has the knack for getting things done. It's also amazing how he always managed to remain level-headed, despite being put under tremendous pressure. If someone were to ask me to form an A-team that requires a mobile engineer, Josh would be at the very top of my wishlist.’’
Mark Basmayor
Regional Director of Engineering, Freelancer.com
‘’As a colleague, I have got to admire Josh's passion for learning and self-improvement. He has played an active part in several meetup groups and have had key roles in a few hackathons that he's participated in. Still quite young, but he's recently managed to score becoming a Google Developer Expert for Flutter, a remarkable feat for someone with his age and experience.

Outside of work, Josh is soft-spoken and reserved, but is loyal and will give you the shirt off his back. He's a great engineer to work with.’’
Aldrich Co
Senior Software Engineer, Anyline
‘’I had the pleasure of working with Josh as part of my Dev team for a Freight marketplace (mobile app), Josh is an exceptional person very thorough and dedicated. His knowledge in software development is fantastic and work ethic is second to none, he brought a fresh perspective to our team.’’
Josh Mullens
Founder and CEO, Freightlancer

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